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Flannel Jam Behind the Scenes

October 23, 2019

Flannel Jam Behind the Scenes

The first ever flannel jam was without doubt a smashing success.

WE couldn't be happier with this first year event, and had an absolute blast taking one of the craziest tours ever on the road with some of our best friends and favorite bands. WE wanted to share with you some of the behind the scenes action that went down while we were ripping through new england. Read on, and we will see you next year to jam once again.

The idea

a touring bluegrass/folk festival that celebrates new england's finest fall traditions. 3 stops in our favorite towns, hot cider donuts, whiskey, beer, and a bunch of good food. Can't be too hard right? Well We may have been proven wrong.

Marshfield Scribblings

Thank you Donut robot for the goodies

Just an average work day

The team

An event like this would have been impossible to pull off without a lot of motivated, slightly insane individuals. Without these guys and gals this thing would not have happened.

producer squad - Dan, Jess, Maria, and Chad

Catering crew - Buddha, Kelsey, Josh, and Allison

Hospitality Hero - AManda

Graphic Design wizards - JEss and Heron

Photog on the Go - Adam Straughn

Donut diva - MIK

badass build team - Steve, Cuniffe, and Colby

Merch maniacs - Bri and Pat (sorry abby!)

Margies? - Jonathon

The Bands

This tour would also not have been possible without the 3 bands who decided to give this thing a shot and bare with us through wind, rain, and travel with us across New England. They were utmost professionals and an absolute blast to have on tour. Thank you!

Trampled By Turtles

The ballroom Thieves

Liz cooper and the stampede

The Packing

Load up 2 separate penske trucks with all materials needed to build 2 festivals in portland and nantucket. take them on the road via 95N and Ferry.

Organization at its finest

pack er up

yellow truck time

cinderblocks suck

The Buildout

Build out our Marshfield location in an entirely new section of the fairgrounds with a team of 4 individuals. In the rain. in 4 days. Including Hay maze, corn pool, 3 bars, donut station, a backstage fire pit, and a rental circus tent.

structural engineering put to work


somehow this tent withstood 50MPH gusts

Rain cleared 20 minutes before gates

The fire was roaring even through the storm

we had a couple 'a fiddleheads

Team dinners at the exec boardroom

Thank you to MArshfield PD for their support!

The Marshfield Jam

host successful event in Marshfield with a crowd of 3000. The rain has stopped 20 minutes before gates open, so Galoshes galore, plenty of mud, and a whole lot of good times. WE leave marshfield fairgrounds at 1Am for our beds.

sam buzzell, super Mvp in our hearts

This was taken pre massive line

we underestimated the demand for cider...


super complicated set list

Ballroom Thieves can't say no to flannel

Lord of the flies hit the hay maze

Children of the corn out and about

the Portland Jam

Leave at 4 am to blast on up to portland. Along the way, the merch trailer breaks down and our catering truck pops a tire. We all still make it to Maine craft distillery relatively on time to find it expertly built by some of our Northern friends. No rain this time. Such a blast.

All Photos Adam Straughn

all photos adam straughn

catering truck blow out...still made it

road fashion

corn stalks were essential to success

everyone's favorite photo

awkward office selfie

car naps were super necessary

Sarah H. Superstar

merch truck breakdown...didn't make it

rippin up to portland

Only the most badass office for da boss

the producers are in the corn pool watch out

Birds of a feather...dave and dan

the bare essentials in catering

Thank you to our friends at Maine Craft Distilling, tHe shop, and portland at large.

The Nantucket jam

Leave portland at 10 and drive 4 hours to the Nantucket Ferry. Catch a few hours of sleep and then load onto the ferry at 6am, including merch, catering, and the entire stage. Set up cisco brewers before opening at 12:30. and Oh yeah, its raining again. Pull off the biggest Columbus day party on island.

All photos adam straughn

All photos adam straughn

just a bit of drizzle

mildly bedraggled

super cute girl in the merch booth

how many ubers do 1000 flannels take up?

Teamwork makes the dream work

stress in the office

Turtles tearing it up

Thank you to our friends at cisco brewers and the island of nantucket for its magic.

the aftermath

After a grueling 72 hours of building, cooking, producing, merch slanging, traveling, and music, we were all pretty ready to cut loose and get weird. No better feeling than realizing that we had pulled this thing off with all of our closest friends. a time we will never forget.

Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible along the way, you all know who you are and we couldn't have done it without you. Contributions big or small, we needed them all, and we are eternally grateful.

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