Trevor Hall has been an inspiration, friend, and favorite of Levitate for years - we've been lucky to welcome him to play intimate shows in the Backyard, massive sets at Levitate Music Festival, and have collaborated on apparel launches and more. We have long admired Trevor's genuine passion for community and the healing power of music and creativity, and so when he reached out wanting to support the Levitate Foundation with a collaboration brew with one of our favorite breweries (NA!), we were more than flattered and stoked to work with him once again.

Trevor and Athletic Brewing, the revolutionary and award-winning NA craft brewery, joined forces for the premiere brew of Athletic's Co-Pilot Series, where they intend to explore a whole new intersection of craft and passion with a series of collaborations with profits directed towards non-profits of the collaborator's choice. Trevor chose to support the Levitate Foundation, and we are both so excited to have the opportunity to join forces in support of the Foundation's mission to cultivate a better future by creating and conserving access to music, art, and the outdoors.

"I'm so excited to be supporting the Levitate Foundation with this brew and to help support access to creativity. Making the arts accessible for kids and to anyone who might not have the opportunity or exposure to these things really matters, and I'm proud to be able to help their mission!" says Trevor.


The Fruitful Path is a vibrant and crisp, lime-infused IPA. It showcases a brilliant palate of lime, wheat, and soft malt, and boasts a symphony of aromatics, including citrus, honey, tropical fruit, and florals. The style was inspired by Trevor’s iconic song, “The Lime Tree,” and celebrates the release of his new album Trevor Hall and the Great In-Between.

“I’ve never tasted a beer like this, let alone an NA beer”, says Trevor - The Fruitful Path is available for sale right now at for a limited time only! Thank you Trevor and Athletic for supporting creativity and community through the Levitate Foundation and for making a delicious brew!

Athletic Brewing Company, LLC. Milford, CT and San Diego, CA. Near Beer. <0.5% alc/vol.


November 16, 2023 — Admin Levitate