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World Premier of The Elovaters Newest Single: "Margaritas"

April 22, 2021

World Premier of The Elovaters Newest Single: "Margaritas"

To celebrate the launch of their newest song, and in conjunction with the Rexicana's canned margarita release this week, we sat down with Jackson and Nick from The Elovaters and asked them a few questions about the growth of the band and their journey along the way.

It's no secret that we've got an affinity for a little tequila and lime juice at Levitate...tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind "Margaritas" and how it came to fruition.

NICK: For this new album we had 16 days in the studio to write and record. We had a lot more free time for the creative process so Johnny Blaze was writing guitar riffs in the kitchen while Jackson and Cosmic were mixing up Margaritas. Jackson immediately came up with a few melodies and the song came together pretty naturally from there.

Polaroids from the recording of The Elovaters newest album at Great Stone Recordings

It has been a pleasure watching you guys continue to grow and evolve from your homegrown roots - what can you say about your journey and how it has shaped your approach to music and life?

JACKSON: Our growth has been the most exciting moments of my life. It’s taught me that if you jump into something with both feet and work tirelessly, build a team with the same vision, you can really achieve some amazing things in life. It’s taught me that you really have to be passionate about what you invest your time and energy into.

NICK: We started writing songs in a garage on the South Shore 6 years ago. It’s surreal to now travel the whole country and have fans sing our songs back to us from the crowd. I’m so proud of how much hard work, dedication and sacrifice each member of our team has poured into this band. The thing that blows my mind the most is that this is only the beginning. We all plan on doing this for the rest of our lives. Playing concerts, writing music and having a tight knit family and support is system is all I can really ask for in life.

From a South Shore garage to sold out shows.

What has been the most inspiring moment or experience for you guys over the years? Anything that has really altered where you are today?

JAX: For me its setting and achieving milestones & goals. Certain bands we want to tour with, certain venues we want to play, fan base growth, personal music growth.

NICK: There have been a few moments that really stand out which opened my eyes wide to see the potential of this project. One of those moments was when Rootfire called us to tell us they wanted to release our album Defy Gravity on their label. At that moment I knew our path would never be the same. Touring nationally with one of my favorite bands Pepper was another one of those epic moments.

It's been so rewarding to have built many special memories over the years between Levitate and the Elovaters - are there any memories that are particularly fond in your minds?

JAX: Yea Levitate has supported us since we were The Cornerstone. I have loved all of our moments and each Levitate Music Festival has been so special. The smaller Backyard shows stand out because they feel more intimate and allow us to get creative with the Levitate community on a more one on one level.

NICK: Every time I see our band's name on the flier for Levitate Music Festival I feel a huge sense of reward. Hitting the stage at Levitate in front of our hometown fan base is one of greatest feelings I’ve experienced as a musician. I have a life long gratitude for every opportunity that Levitate has given us and I consider everyone at Levitate friends - from ownership all the way down the tree to the guys and girls that work in the surf shop.

Epic times over the years.

Levitate Backyard in 2019. Full house.

We couldn't be more proud of these guys and are so excited to continue to watch them grow. Listen to "Margaritas", maybe while sipping a canned marg from the Rexicana's first batch ever, and tell your friends to do the same.

It's gonna be a great summer.

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