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our Featured artist of the month

Andrew Jacob, otherwise know as SOULKONTROLLER, has been producing his unique blend of surf and graffiti inspired art for most of his life. Andrew grew up splitting time between the Cape and NYC in the 80s and 90s, where the flourishing skate, graffiti, and art culture introduced him into the world of tagging and graffiti art. Since then, Andrew has continued to develop his own unique style that blends the 80s graffiti influence of his youth with additional influences from global surf culture, the Cape Cod lifestyle, and his own explosive creativity.

Currently, Andrew resides in Welfleet, where he makes his living as an artist and also as one of the few remaining commercial wild oysterman in New England. Andrew’s passion and commitment to surfing, traditional oystering practices, family, and travel is just as inspiring to us as his art. Andy has been featured at a variety of Levitate events over the years both as a friend and as one of the most talented artists in the Northeast, and we are extremely proud to be able to showcase his work as our first ever featured artist.

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