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Our Featured Artist of The Season

Introducing David Connor, Levitate's newest featured artist. David is an original linocut artist, surfer, educator, keeper of bees chickens and ducks, and deeply connected to his natural surroundings in the great state of Maine where he's surfed the past nearly 3 decades and drawn inspiration for his art. 

Linocut printing is an art form inspired by the woodcutting and block printing techniques, applied to modern linoleum matting. The end result is a striking blend of angles, textures, and thicknesses leading the eye to create its own depth.

We've long been fans of David's New England perspective, and he was extremely kind to create 3 original designs for Levitate. His original, hand-printed linocut prints are available matted, framed, or printed on our 100% organic cotton tee shirts, Made in the USA. 


Thank you!