Vintage boards

for the past many years, the marshield store has come to be a haven for some amazing vintage boards through trades, loans, and donations. this page is the place to share the stories of these boards and all of the vintage foam floating around in the south shore. If you have a piece of history, please drop a line to so that we can add them to the collection and celebrate them!

All boards are unfortunately not for sale at this time!

  • 1950s/Earlier
  • 1960s
  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s/Later

nothing yet...check back soon or let us know if you've got some of this old old foam/wood!

1967 G&S Skip Frye Model

Location: LEvitate MArshfield, owned Dan Hassett

this is a very clean 1967 G&S Skip Frye model with the original fin intact. The original owner purchased the board in the 1960s and surfed it exclusively at south shore breaks like nantasket and humarock before hanging it up for a while, leaving it in pristine condition.

1968 O'Neill Lovecraft

Location: LEvitate Marshfield, owned by Dan Hassett

This is a clean 9'0" O'Neill Lovecraft singlefin from ~1968. O'neill surfboards was started by jack o'neill for his original shop in santa cruz in the mid 1960s. The label featured shapes by George Olson, Joel Woods, Jim Foley, Mike Winterburn, Tom Overlin, and even Don Hansen, and was an early small scale production brand for transitional boards. This 9'0" features a moderate Vee bottom and a belly up front. if anyone has more information about this shape, please let us know!

1964 Hobie Noserider

location: Levitate Marshfield, owned by Roger crawford

This is a restored 9'6" Hobie Phil Edwards Noserider from 1964. Roger crawford loaned this board to the marshfield the card for the words right out of the man's mouth. Roger bought this board as a young man from the Hobie shop that used to be in hull right on nantasket beach. Roger surfed his brains out on this board and then restored it in his boat building workshop down in humarock. This may be the heaviest board that any of us have ever felt...and it certainly isn't waterlogged.

nothing yet...check back soon or let us know if you've got some of this old foam

1980s (?) Classical Glass

Location: LEvitate MArshfield, owned by Dan hassett

Classical glass was opened in 1977 by dave endress in brunswick county, NC after working for sweetwater (one of the oldest surf shops in the region). Classical glass became one of the largest east coast surfboard factories, and dave shaped over 20,000 boards under the label. This awesome twin pin is shaped from a clark foam blank, and has the original twin fins and an era-accurate rainbow leash.

LAte 1980s (?) Spectrum

Location: Levitate MArshfield, Owned by Dan Hassett

Spectrum was another legendary East coast brand out of Florida that produced a massive amount of boards in the late 80s into early 90s. Spectrum is extra close to home because Carl Schaper shaped for them for an extended period of time in the 80s before branching off into his own brand. Carl has been a good friend and has been making boards for levitate for more than a decade, so this is a cool board to have in the collection.

2012 Hobie Colin vintage

Location: Levitate MArshfield, owned by Dan hassett

This board may not be "vintage" now, but one day we have a feeling that we will be glad that we held onto it. the shop received this batch of hobies less than a week after Terry martin passed in 2012, and so this board got tucked into the rafters as a nod to terry's legacy as one of the best production shapers of all time. We can hope that this was one of the boards that terry worked some of his magic on, and we're sure that some day it will hit the water and spread the joy that his shapes create in an entirely new time period.