Watermans Camp, Ages 13-15

LEVITATE'S WATERMANS CAMP is for boys and girls, ages 13-15. Watermans Camp is a rigorous, 4 day program focusing on water safety, health, fitness, and transitioning to becoming a full-time, competent, year-round waterman/waterwoman. Activities are based around surfing, and also include paddle boarding to Worlds End, freediving, and breathing exercises. Each session is limited to 10 kids for increased mobility, flexibility and in-depth personalized instruction during each day. All equipment for all activities is included. Each session is held for 4 hours a day, Monday through Thursday at Nantasket Beach in Hull. Levitate's excellent staff are all well traveled, lifelong surfers with ocean safety, lifeguarding, CPR, and first aid experience.

Registration is $295 per camper/per week.

How to Register for Levitate Camps:

Step 1: Purchase desired week or weeks of camp(s).

Step 2: Fill out camp registration form for each child signed up.

Registration Form, WARRIOR CAMP ages 7-12

Registration Form, WATERMANS CAMP ages 13-15

Registration Form, SKATE CLINICS ages 7-13

Step 3: Email each child's up-to-date immunization form to info@levitatesurf.com

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